Porsche Sales in Russia Increase by 12 Percent

Porsche’s sales in Russia have increased by 12 percent in 2015. The Stuttgart carmaker is one of the few that are still able to make a profit in Russia since the Russian market collapsed.

German carmaker Porsche, despite the crisis in the Russian market, has significantly expanded its business in the Russian Federation. In 2015 Porsche sold almost 5,300 cars, about 12 percent more than in 2014, said the company's head, Thomas Stärtzel, in an interview with DPA in Moscow on Sunday, January 17th.

As a result, Porsche is one of the few brands that can still make a profit in Russia. Due to the economic crisis, Russian automobile purchases have declined since 2013. Last year the total turnover declined by almost 36 percent. This is not expected to change for the better in 2016.

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