Poll suggests only 10% of Americans are sympathetic towards Putin

The majority of Americans, a total of 56%, are opposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Deutsche Welle reported that this was determined by the results of a survey published on the 25th of September, which was conducted by the Associated Press agency in cooperation with the GfK.

In addition, only one in ten of the respondents think of Putin favorably. A total of 24% of Americans believe that Putin has leadership qualities that an American president should also have. A total of 71% of the respondents disagree with this statement.

A total of 41% of the Americans believe that Republican candidate, Donald Trump, will build the right kind of relationship with Putin. In addition, 53% of Americans believe that Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, would build the right type of relationship with the Russian president. A total of 42% of respondents believe that Trump will be too close to Russia in his foreign policy. With regard to Clinton, this concern is shared by only 11% of the respondents.

The online survey was conducted between the 15th and the 19th of September. It consisted of 1,694 participants, of which 1,476 are registered voters. The sampling error was 2.5%.

It was previously reported that US intelligence agencies are investigating ties between the Kremlin and Trump’s advisor, Carter Page.

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