Peskov: Russia maintained contact with Trump and Clinton campaigns

The press secretary for the president of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, who arrived in New York at the opening ceremony of the World Chess Championship, stated in his interview to the Associated Press that Russian experts maintained contact with colleagues from the US presidential campaign headquarters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“Our experts, specialists on the United States and experts on international affairs… constantly communicate with their colleagues here, including those who are from Trump’s campaign headquarters,” the Associated Press quoted Peskov. The agency noted that, according to Peskov, such contacts have also occurred with experts from Clinton’s campaign headquarters.

“Of course, it is quite natural that Russian experts are trying to maintain a dialogue with people from different campaign headquarters. It is essential to understand the main trends, streams, nuances and positions of different parties and camps in the United States,” the press secretary for the president of the Russian Federation said. Peskov called such contacts natural and normal.

Peskov also stated that Russia has very good relations with the former US secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, representatives from the academic community in the United States and experts on US-Russian relations who deal with foreign policy.

The Associated Press also quoted Hope Hicks, the press secretary for the presidential campaign of the president-elect of the United States. “There have never been such contacts,” Hicks said. “There was no contact between campaign headquarters and any foreign organizations,” Hicks added.

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