The Kremlin: Moscow is ready to fight ISIS without US help

Russia is ready to continue the fight against ISIS, without the help of the United States, as stated by the Press Secretary of Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, while commenting on the report by the Associated Press that US President Donald Trump plans to postpone the “deal with Russia.”

“Moscow will continue the fight against ISIS,” Peskov said, as reported by TASS.

It was reported earlier that Trump discussed minimizing the interaction with Russia in the fight against ISIS with his allies and partners. The American president may reportedly make such a decision against the growing chorus of those accusing the US president of his ties with Russia. As reported by the Associated Press, “Trump’s skepticism about reaching such a deal with Russia could be linked to the increasing influence of his advisors who have taken a tough stance against Russia, including Pentagon chief James Mattis and the new National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster.”  The publication also added that European partners are calling on Trump not to make premature concessions to Russia, noting that such an agreement carries great risks. They are instead calling on Trump to focus on the importance of US and European efforts to counter Russia.

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