Pentagon: The United States should continue to take measures against Russia due to cyber-attacks

The U.S Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, stated that the United States should continue to take retaliatory measures against Russia due to cyber-attacks, RIA Novosti reported.

“I think that the response which we gave, probably means the beginning but not the end, the floor but not the ceiling. However, obviously, it is the decision of the incoming Administration and future Congress, but I believe that more retaliatory measures should be taken,” Ash Carter said. According to him, the United States should have a strong and balanced approach to Russia.

“We need a strong policy of confrontation against Russia but it should be balanced in order to cooperate where we can,” the U.S. Secretary of Defense stated. The Pentagon Chief also noted that the United States shouldn’t limit itself to cyber measures. "However, I don’t think that these should be military or only military measures."

The Administration of Barack Obama imposed sanctions against Russia for its intervention in the elections and pressure on U.S. diplomats on the 29th of December. 35 Russian diplomats were declared persona non grata.

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