Pentagon Expresses Scepticism towards Russian Aviation Tactics in Syria

U.S President Barack Obama called Russia a constructive partner in searching for a political solution to the conflict in Syria. He promised to continue cooperation with Moscow despite all existing disagreements. However, according to Colonel Steve Warren, a representative of the International Coalition that conducts operations against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, there is no reason yet to talk about the full cooperation of Russian and U.S. forces.
Warren stated that Russians use ordinary unguided bombs. He stated that they always act recklessly and irresponsibly. “Russians send aerial armadas to carry out attacks in Syrian Al-Raqqah. It is significant to us that they have been using outdated tactics while we don’t. The idea of keeping more than a dozen aircraft in the air is very outdated. Such a tactic is appropriate only when you don’t have the corresponding technology, skills and opportunities to carry out accurate strikes, which Coalition forces have done,” he stated.
The Pentagon spokesman stressed that Coalition forces are able to fulfil any tactical goal without taking joint actions with Russia into consideration. He said they had no plans to do that. “We have the best pilots and the most advanced technology on Earth. We don’t coordinate our operations with Russians, and we will do nothing like that during ground military operations.”
On Wednesday, ISIS published a photograph of a home-made bomb that was allegedly planted onboard a Russian plane and that caused a crash in the Sinai Peninsula. The photo shows a Schweppes Gold beverage can, an object much like a detonator. ISIS stated that the initial target of the terrorist act was one of the Western planes. However, after the start of Russian airstrikes in Syria, the decision was made to attack a Russian airliner instead.
During a briefing at the Pentagon, it was mentioned that ISIS crossed the borders of occupied territories and that this fact should cause concern. That’s why the decision was accepted to create the International Coalition and start military operations against ISIS.

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