NATO to strengthen air control over Turkish border

NATO plans to increase its presence at the Turkish border due to the unstable situation in the region.

Representatives of NATO member states agreed in Brussels on Friday on the need to strengthen its control of Turkish airspace. This plan will be implemented through the use of fighters and AWACS reconnaissance aircraft. NATO also plans to increase its naval presence in the region. In addition to military training, several naval vessels will be deployed via Turkish ports.

It has not yet been decided precisely which countries will send their units to Turkey. London previously announced the transfer of bombers to the Turkish Incirlik Air Base. In addition, a patrol boat of the German Bundeswehr sails along the Turkish border while the US has placed interceptors in Turkey as well, as part of Washington’s bilateral agreements with Ankara.

The news agency DPA reported that plans to increase support for Turkey were taken into consideration in early December at a meeting of foreign ministers of NATO members. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at the time that the intentions of the alliance were not directly related to the aggravation of relations between Turkey and the Russian Federation.

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