NATO’s aircraft to practice in Estonian airspace

NATO aircraft based in Estonia at the Ämari Air Base in Estonia will conduct low-altitude flights over the country's territory this week, as stated by the press service of the Estonian Defense Forces, Interfax reported.

German Air Force Eurofighters will fly in pairs at an altitude below 500 feet (152 meters). The fighters carried out similar exercises in October.

The flights are conducted on the basis of agreements between NATO countries in specifically designated areas, and the governments of all three Baltic States provide such zones for low-altitude flights.

NATO’s Air Forces have been stationed in the Baltic States on a rotation basis since March 29th, 2004, when they became members of the Alliance. 

"The presence of NATO’s aircraft in the Baltic countries is part of the concept of 'smart defense', the aim of which is to save resources of the states of the alliance for a joint contribution to a variety of projects," the press service stated in October.

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