NATO recognizes gaps in its defensive capability

NATO-member countries have to fill certain gaps in their defensive capabilities, stated the chairman of the NATO Military Committee, General Petr Pavel in an interview with the television station SVS.  

“We all realize that we should fill gaps, enhance deterrent capability and, when necessary, to defend. We know what these gaps are and should focus on filling them and maintaining the advantage in our military capabilities,” Pavel said.

He added that, to achieve this, appropriate funding is needed. “Of course, such an objective has its price. However, we should look not only at figures and bringing expenditures on defense up to 2% of GDP, but also at real possibilities that we have,” the general noted.

According to him, today’s security situation in the world needs NATO-member countries’ attention on their own defense.

According to NATO’s decision, all members of the alliance are encouraged to spend at least 2% of their GDP on defense purposes. Now only five countries have achieved that target. During the US presidential campaign, Donald Trump threatened to exclude NATO-members whose defense funding, according him, is insufficient.

As was reported earlier, according to Petr Pavel, Trump’s views could change after the inauguration. 

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