Medvedev: Russia should be prepared to live under sanctions for the 'indefinite future'

Russia should be prepared to live under the sanctions regime for the indefinite future, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview with TV channel Russia 1.

According to him, the United States and the EU are trying to “perpetuate” their legislation.

“We must be prepared to live under sanctions for the indefinite future. Just look at what our friends overseas and in Europe are doing! They are enshrining these sanctions in law, they are codifying them. They are initiating a great deal of laws on top of various executive orders [U.S. former President Barack] Obama has issued. They are trying to pass laws to formalize these sanctions as standing, like the Jackson-Vanik amendment,” Medvedev said.

Thus, Russia should not assume that the sanctions regime will be lifted anytime soon, according to the Prime Minister. “And we don’t need it because, as life has shown, we can develop rather well even in conditions of the sanctions, like this has shown in the experience of the past two years, we can develop and develop good,” he emphasized.

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