Media: Trump is planning to visit Russia after his inauguration

The newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump, is planning on visiting Russia right after his inauguration which will take place on January 20. This has been reported by Izvestia, citing an unnamed source in the Republican party.

According to the newspaper's source, Trump advisors convinced him that he should pay a visit to Russia right after the inauguration but not before.

The author of The National Interest, Dimitri Simes, believes that the decision to visit Russia after the inauguration was taken because if the visit were to take place before the inauguration that could be looked at as an attempt to undermine the foreign policy of Barak Obama and conduct negotiations behind  the back of the existing President.

On November 14 the Kremlin announced that a telephone conversation between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin took place. The parties agreed to continue such contacts and potentially schedule a meeting in person.

Previously, during his election campaign, Trump expressed his interest in restoring relations with Russia

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