Media: Chechen security forces detained all who drank alcohol on New Year's eve in Grozny

In Grozny, on New Year's eve, anti-alcohol raids were conducted in cafes and restaurants. The security forces detained all who drank alcohol, Grozny residents told the Caucasian Knot news website.

"On the eve of January 1st, my friends and I were in a cafe in Grozny, gathered to celebrate the holiday. Suddenly the police stormed in and they detained three men, who were sitting at a table next to us and were drinking alcohol. Fortunately, we did not have any alcohol, otherwise, we would have to celebrate the New Year in a detention center," a local resident, Imran, told the website.

According to a Grozny resident, Zaindi, his friends were detained on December 31st in one of the cafes. "My two friends were detained on the evening of December 31st in the cafe because they were drinking alcohol and they were released yesterday, on January 1st," he said.

A source in law enforcement confirmed that citizens who consumed alcohol on New Year's Eve were detained. "Indeed, on the night of January 1st, measures of preventive nature were implemented, during which several young people who were in a state of intoxication were detained," the source said. According to him, all detainees have already been released.

The reason for strengthening the fight against alcohol consumption in Chechnya was a car accident that occurred near Grozny last month in which seven people were killed because of a drunk driver. After that, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, made a sharp statement against drinking and driving, and the owners of 20 stores that sell alcoholic beverages ceased their activity.

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