Media: Aleppo's largest hospital was bombed by Russian and Assad's planes

At least two barrel bombs hit the biggest hospital in Aleppo, Syria, as reported by Al Arabiya news agency, citing representatives of the medical organization. Medics say that the target of the bombardment was a hospital, located in the opposition-controlled part of Aleppo. Presumably, cluster bombs also were used during the attack.

In addition, Anadolu news agency reports that the Air Forces of the Russian Federation and of the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad both dropped bombs of a "great destructive force" on Aleppo, resulting in 30 deaths and dozens wounded.

"The Russian military have used very powerful bombs in air strikes against the opposition-controlled areas lately. Mainly, they are attacking residential areas," the representative of the Aleppo civil defense forces, Babiris Meshaal, said.

The news agency notes that on September 19th, 500 people were killed and more than 600 injured as a result of Assad’s and Russia’s Air Forces attacks on areas controlled by the rebels.

Earlier, UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, called the bombings of Aleppo a war crime. He also created a commission to investigate the attack on a humanitarian aid convoy near Aleppo on September 19th where at least 18 people were killed.

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