Lukashenko: Russia relies on Belarusian customs authorities to protect its interests

In defending its interests in the west, Russia relies on the assistance of customs authorities in Belarus, as Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko stated during a working meeting with the chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Republic, Yuri Senko, BELTA reports.

“I’m interested in these worrisome facts. I want full information about the service we provide the Russian Federation (because only due to our customs is Russia able to defend its interests in the west and relies upon the customs authorities of Belarus); I need to be aware of it so I can discuss it with the leadership of the Russian Federation,” Alexander Lukashenko stated.

The President also inquired about the situation at the border regarding the embargo imposed by Russia against a number of countries. “What problems, difficulties are there? I’m interested in these issues first of all,” the head of the state stressed.

According to Yuri Senko, the Belarusian customs officials perform their functions precisely regarding the control over the movement of sanctioned goods.

“In fact, we protect Russia from the illegal movement of these products. There have been a large number of violations relating to attempts to move sanctioned goods into Russia and also from Russia,” the chairman of the committee stated.

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