Lithuania's new military strategy views Russia as the country's main threat

The Minister of Defense of Lithuania, Juozas Olekas, approved a new military strategy in which Russian actions are described as the main threat for the security of Lithuania, as reported by Delfi.

"The military strategy of 2012 did not correspond to the realities of defense and the new challenges to the Lithuanian army. On the basis of Ukrainian and Georgian experience, the Lithuanian army should be prepared to respond quickly to military threats, either on its own or together with allies," Olekas noted.

Russian actions which are "destroying the European security system" were described as the greatest threat for security in Lithuania.

The strategy also indicates that the risk of a conventional military threat against Lithuania and other countries in the region is not just theoretical, and the threat can grow in future. The main goal has not been changed, which is to defend Lithuania on its own and together with allies. The pursuit of basing NATO forces permanently on the territory of the country was also approved in the document.

  Lithuania, Russia