Kremlin warns the US against entering into a ‘sanctions spiral’

The intention of the US Congress to introduce new restrictive measure against Russia can result in a new wave of mutual sanctions, as stated by the press secretary Russian President, Dmitry Peskov. 

«We would not like to enter into a sanctions spiral again, but this is not our choice», — said Peskov

He also noted that in the meantime it is still early to make any judgments since the statements of the American Senators have not been followed up yet by any concrete steps.

“They make so many plans and aspirations in Washington that we cannot keep up with them, “ Peskov noted.

The US Congress has introduced a bill for new sanctions against Russia. Anti-Russian measures are being considered in the form of an amendment to a draft law on sanctions against Iran.

It follows from the document that under the sanctions, the financing period for Russian banks under sanctions could be limited from 90 to 14 days.

Additionally, US companies and individuals will be banned from "all transactions involving the provision of financing and other business relationships involving a new debt for a period longer than 14 days."

Furthermore, it proposes to limit the terms of financing for Russian energy companies.

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