Kremlin: Turkey's membership in NATO would not prevent delivery of S-400

Russia does not see any obstacles to the possible supply of S-400 air defense missile systems to Turkey with regard to its membership in NATO, said Vladimir Kozhin, an Aide to the President of Russia, on Thursday during a broadcast of the “Rossiya-24” television channel.

"There are already negotiations with Turkey on the delivery of the S-400, and they are very interested. Yes, Turkey is a member of NATO, but I will say right away that we are not afraid (to deliver the S-400 to Ankara). Before supplying something, we strictly regulate the intellectual property, and each side assumes responsibilities for that which it has the right to do with the weapons it has delivered, and that which it does not," he answered to a journalist's question on whether Moscow is afraid of supplying these air defense systems to Turkey.

Previously, representatives of Russian and Turkish authorities have repeatedly reported about the ongoing negotiations between Moscow and Ankara on delivery of the S-400. According to CEO of Rostec Corporation Sergey Chemezov, Turkey is ready to purchase the S-400 if Russia provides a loan for such purchase. According to Chemezov, negotiations about which are currently under way with the Russian Ministry of Finance.


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