Journalists and human rights activists attacked on road from Ingushetia to Chechnya

Photo: RIA Novosti

Members of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture as well as Russian and foreign journalists were attacked while travelling on a road from Ingushetia to Chechnya, as reported by Dozhd.

According to a member of the human rights organization, Dmitry Utukina, a van was attacked that was carrying human rights activities and journalists from Russia, Norway, and Sweden.

Utukina told a Dozhd reporter that two employees of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture were injured, as were at least two journalists, one of whom was from Norway.

"Three cars blocked the van, and they began to punch out the windows, and when the journalists exited, they started beating them with sticks. They then set fire to a bus, Utukin stated.

An RBC correspondant, Egor Skovoroda, said “they ran to the car and started to beat them with sticks, shouting ‘Get out, terrorists.’ Then they kicked us to the curb and started to beat us. Then they burned our van.”

Skovoroda added that almost everyone in the van was injured.

A spokesman for Ramzan Kadyrov told Ekho Moskvi that the Chechen head was unaware of the incident.

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