Iranian Minister of Defense: We are open to Russia's request to use Hamadan airbase

Iran is ready, at any time, to review Russia’s request to use of Hamadan airbase. This was stated by the Iranian Minister of Defense, Hossein Dehghan, in an interview with Russia’s RT news channel.

“Since we are cooperating with Russia in the fight against terrorism, we would provide Russia with certain privileges with regards to the flights of Russian aircraft. At any time when we feel that it is necessary and if Russian asks again for such privileges, we will consider it, taking into account the current situation, and we will make a decision accordingly,” he stated, noting that there are no negotiations regarding this at the moment.

”We have not signed any agreements with Russia allowing them [Russians] to use our bases at any time. Depending on the circumstances, if Russia asks for it, and if we deem it necessary, we will be ready to provide such assistance,” Dehghan said.

In August 2016, for the first time, Russia used Iranian Hamadan airbase to conduct air raids on the targets in Syria.

  Iran, Russia, Syria