Iran tests new ballistic missile

Iran tested its new Hormuz-2 ballistic missile, designed to strike sea based targets, said Commander of the Army Aerospace Forces of the Islamic Revolution Amir Ali Hajizadeh, as reported by Tansim.

The missile successfully hit a water based target from a distance of 250 kilometers. The functionality of the weapon allows strikes against targets at a distance of up to 300 kilometers, Ali Hajizade specified.

According to Ali Hajizade, the ballistic missile was developed completely by Tehran.

Earlier, Iran successfully tested the S-300 air defense missile system acquired from Russia. The Iranian military carried out missile tests against a wide range of aerial targets, additionally conducting detection, identification, interception and destruction of the targets. The systems were able to hit a target while radar interference was present giving the appearance of false targets. The Russian missiles successfully hit all targets, IRNA said. At the same time, the Armed Forces command assessed the combat capabilities of the S-300 and the specifics of its application.

The tests were carried out during the Demavend maneuvers, aimed at developing various scenarios reflecting possible threats.

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