Inhabitants of Russian villages asked Obama to help them with gas supplies

Valery Slesarev, an activist and resident of the town of Yegoryevsk, has visited the US Embassy in Moscow to ask US President Barack Obama to provide gas to several Russian villages.

According to MK, Slesarev has been asking local authorities for nearly 10 years to provide several large villages in the area with gas. The majority of the residents are weak pensioners and war veterans who are forced to chop fallen trees for firewood.

“What is happening in the city of Yegoryevsk is an outrage! It is impossible to get through to authorities!” Slesarev exclaimed.

According to him, every year the authorities promise to provide gas to villages such as Parykino, Vladychino, Podryadnikovo, Demidovo and Sidorovka. However, these promises are never fulfilled.

“What’s worse is that these inhabitants cannot buy wood as it is not sold in these villages. Even though there is a campaign to buy coal from a factory in Shatura, our pensioners simply will not be able to afford it,” he continued.

Slesarev contacted the US Embassy and told them about the problem. To his surprise, he was not only listened to, but was also invited to visit. The residents of Yegoryevsk were encouraged by this and collected 531 signatures in favor of receiving gas and are now waiting on this to happen.

  Russia, USA