Russian imports of passenger cars fell by half in 2015

Imports of trucks from foreign countries has decreased by 65.9% to 20,100 units while truck imports from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries have decreased by 9.3% to 2,400 units.

Imports of passenger cars to Russia from non-CIS countries has decreased in 2015 by 49.9% to 336,400 units.  These imports from CIS countries have decreased by 58.6% to 13,500 units.  This data was published on the website of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) of Russia on the 5th of February.

During the last year, 349,900 cars were imported to Russia, worth a total of 6.49 billion dollars.  Over the same period, 22,500 trucks were imported which cost 879 million dollars.  However, according to the report of the FCS, the export of cars from Russia to CIS countries had increased by 6.3%.

In January of 2016, car sales in Russia fell by 29% to 82 million units.  This data was published by the Kommersant newspaper on the 5th of February.  According to the newspaper, the current sales results are close to the infamous 2010 record, which saw sales collapse by 37%.  During this time, only 74,000 cars were sold in a month.

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