Human rights activists: Two Crimean Tatars disappeared in the Crimea

Two local residents have disappeared in the Crimea - Rizvan Abduramanov and Mudessir Isaev, Crimean activists report.

In particular, according to Nariman Dzhelal, Rizvan Abduramanov, born on May 25, 1968, who is a resident of Batalne in the Leninsky district, made a trip to Feodosia seeking employment on November 10th.

"His documents were found in Feodosia in early December. To this day the whereabouts of Rizvan are unknown," he said.

In addition, as reported by Krym.Realii, citing information on Crimean social networks, Mudessir Isaev, a resident of Oleksiivka in the Belogorsky district, has also disappeared.

"A man, Mudessir Isaev, born in 1951, and a resident of Oleksiivka in the Belogorsky district, has disappeared. He has bad eyesight ... five days ago he went into the forest with his dog ... The dog returned home without him. Fellow residents and employees of the Ministry for Emergency Situations were looking for Isaev, but the search was unsuccessful," the statement says.

On the website of the Russian government in the Crimea, there is no information about the missing man.

According to estimates by a Crimean human rights group, since February 2014, there have been nine cases of disappearances of people in the Crimea, five of them were Crimean Tatars.

Another three disappearances of people in the Crimea, according to human rights activists, have the signs of kidnappings, but they are only presumed to be such.

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