Georgian President: There cannot be a stable Europe without stable Caucasus

At the annual “State of the Country” address, Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili devoted a significant part of his speech to Euro-Atlantic integration and relations with Russia.

The President of Georgia noted that “The stability of Europe is dependent on stable Caucasus.”

Margvelashvili once again accused Moscow of “the occupation of 20% of Georgian territory.”  He also warned that Russia “will never be able to achieve its goals by capturing territories of neighboring states.”

He stressed that other “new democracies who dared” to make a free choice in favor of European integration, such as Ukraine and Moldova, “experienced similar problems in their relations with Russia.”

The Georgian leader urged the Western community to “adopt a unified approach” towards the Russian-Georgian conflict.  “Without stable Caucasus, there cannot be a stable Europe,” the President said.

  Georgia, Russia