Georgian Defense Ministry: NATO cannot ensure security in the Black Sea without the aid of Georgia

The issue of the Black Sea’s security, which is being considered by NATO, cannot be successful without Georgia,a as expressed by the republic's Defense Minister, Tinatin Khidasheli, Interfax reports.

"Today, NATO is actively working on the Black Sea security issue, and Georgia is participating in it. Any decision that will be adopted at the [NATO] summit in Warsaw will be made with Georgia. No matter whether Georgia is a member of NATO or not, this is the direction and challenge; we have clearly stated that there cannot be a safe and successful project in the Black Sea if Georgia is not a participant," said the head of the department.

She said that Georgia should participate fully in all activities that will be planned for the Black Sea. "This should be included in the documents, with which Georgia will return from the Warsaw summit of NATO," the Minister said.

Khidasheli explained that she was speaking about holding joint exercises with NATO countries in the Black Sea.

Earlier today, the head of the Georgian Defense Ministry said that Georgia does not need any document such as the Membership Action Plan (MAP).

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