EU Ambassadors in Moscow call for investigation into killing of Boris Nemtsov

The Ambassadors of 28 EU countries and Norway laid flowers at the site of Boris Nemtsov’s assassination on the Moskvoretski Bridge in the Russian capital, as reported by a Dozhd correspondent.

Vygaudas Ushatskas, the head of the representative office of the European Union in Moscow, was also present. “The organizers and perpetrators of the crime must be found,” he said. Peter Eriksson, the Swedish Ambassador to Russia also demanded an unbiased investigation of the killing.

Boris Nemtsov was shot on February 27th, 2015.  The killer shot him in the back six times.

In January 2016, the Investigative Committee reported that the investigation into the assassination had been completed. According to the results of the investigation, the perpetrators of the crime were Zaur Dadaev, Anzor and Shadid Gubashev, Temirlan Eskerkhanov and Hamzat Bakhaev. They are in custody, and have been charged with murder, organized crime and the illicit traffic of weapons, though their actual involvement in the crime remains questionable.

Earlier, marches were held in memory of Nemtsov in dozens of towns around the world.

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