England urges FIFA to expel Russian Minister from its Executive Committee

The Head of the Football Association of England, Greg Dyke, filed a request to expel Vitaliy Mutko, the Russian Minister of Sport from the FIFA Executive Committee. The World Anti-Doping Agency accused Vitaliy Mutko of covering numerous manipulations with doping samples.

“FIFA must make a swift decision whether the person who is involved should remain on the Executive Committee. Vitaliy Mutko is the head of the Worl Cup 2018 Organizational Committee and the Russian Minister of Sport. He currently holds six senior positions" – stated Dyke.

Mutko responded by saying that football and his membership in FIFA’s Executive Committee are completely different things. He said that all these accusations were groundless.
“It’s not a sport at all if England’s President of the Football Federation, our colleague, acts like that. This does not serve either the interests of the sport or the interests of the organization” – said Mutko.

Earlier Mutko stated that disqualification of Russian athletes from participation in 2016 Olympics, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro, is possible.
Russian Anti-Doping Agency has been accused of destroying 1417 samples of doping tests.