Russian writer calls on Russia to annex northern Kazakhstan

Russian writer and political dissident, Eduard Limonov, recently commented on the events in Kazakhstan in his blog, during which 18 people were killed as a result of terrorist acts on the 5th of June in Aktobe. “Russia will be pretty dumb if it doesn’t try to return its ancestral cities that ended up in the north of Kazakhstan along the border with Russia but abroad, starting from Uralsk and further to the east along the border,” he stated.

Limonov recalled that there are still more than 4 million Russians in Kazakhstan and several Russian-speaking people. The expatriate Germans alone make up one million people out of the entire population of 17 million. “There are great prospects. I advise the Kremlin to pay attention to the destiny of Russians in Kazakhstan, considering the outbreak of civil war in Aktobe,” he added.

Eduard Limonov is well-known for attempting to create illegal armed groups to invade Northern Kazakhstan, creating a separatist State with further accession to the Russian Federation. 

On the 5th of June, two gun stores and a military unit of the National Guard of Kazakhstan were attacked. Anti-terrorist operations were introduced in the regional center and the highest terror alert was announced. The police consider the perpetrators to be radical followers of non-traditional religious movements.

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