Director of company involved in Siemens turbines scandal fired in Russia

The CEO of Silovye Mashiny, which was involved in a scandal with Siemens turbines, has been fired In Russia.

As reported by Interfax, the Board of Directors of Silovye Mashiny passed a decision July 19 on the early termination of Roman Filippov's powers.

 On July 13, Filippov was interrogated in Russia for a criminal case concerning the disclosure of state secrets.

The Board of Directors of PJSC Silovye Mashiny appointed a new CEO after Roman Filipov's resignation. The new CEO is Filippov's former second-in-command, Yuri Petrenya, who served as technical director of the company, reports RBC.

Entrepreneur Alexei Mordashov, who owns PJSC Silovye Mashiny, said that Petrenya is "one of the most highly qualified specialists and experienced industry executives." The company hopes that he "will be able to create the necessary conditions for the further effective development of the company."

Silovye Mashiny was the junior partner of the German concern Siemens in the joint venture Siemens Gas Turbine Technology (STGT), which built four gas turbines for thermal power stations (TPS) that were discovered to be in the Crimea despite the sanctions regime.

The German concern sold four gas turbines to Technopromexport in 2015. Both companies claimed that this equipment would be directed to the Taman Peninsula, which is separated from the Crimea by the Kerch Strait.

In early July, Siemens said that the turbines were delivered to the Crimea instead of Taman "against the will" of the company. The German concern filed an action with the Moscow Arbitration Court against the Russian state-owned company Technopromexport, which is building power stations in the Crimea, demanding the return of gas turbines set to bypass sanctions on the peninsula annexed by Russia.

In 2014, the EU banned eurozone companies from doing business with the Crimea.

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