Crimean provider: Internet was shut down on the peninsula by order of the FSB

Access to the internet in the northern part of Crimea was blocked at the demand of Russian security forces. As reported by SkyLine, the internet connection was shut down because of an emergency state imposed during an operation to intercept criminals. The state of emergency was imposed at the demand of State officials in order to conduct an operation to intercept the criminals who attacked employees of the Border Guard Service.

“In the night between Sunday and Monday, access to the internet was limited in the whole northern part of Crimea among all providers, wired internet and wireless mobile connection as well. Please understand the current situation and be patient. Access to the internet will be resumed at the earliest opportunity!” the provider said in a statement to clients.

Earlier, the mobile phone provider Krymtelecom reported problems with internet connectivity in the northern part of Crimea because of an implementation of technological operations. Mobile phone provider K-telecom (Win Mobile) gave the same explanation. Earlier, wanted notices of armed individuals, who committed serious crimes in Armyansk, were placed in settlements of the Dzhankoi region of Crimea.

  Russia, Crimea