Cossacks from Luhansk Pro-Kremlin republic are ready to resist Russian military

Cossack armed units of the Luhansk Pro-Kremlin republic intend to start armed resistance to Russian military after November 7.

The statement was made by the Press department of the Ukrainian Ministry of defense.

The situation around Russian forces trying to exert control over the Cossack units in the separatist’s republic is spiraling out of control.

On November 7th the representatives of the Cossacks are going to hold a meeting to express their "no confidence" of the authorities of the Luhansk Republic.

They also intend to make a decision of the possibility of armed resistance to the Russian military units which have been trying to remove some of the Cossack commanders.

Recently the commander of the Cossack regiment, Dremov, has been suspended from his duty by the authorities of Luhansk Republic.

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