Chubarov insists that Russia has increased persecution of Crimean Tatars

Despite the judgment of the UN International Court of Justice on the renewal of Mejlis activity in the annexed Crimea, Russia has increased repressions against Crimean Tatars, according to Crimean Tatar leader Refat Chubarov.

“[The repressions] remain systematic and are increasing. There is no evidence that the occupiers will with any regard for the UN judgment. This is a paradox concerning the UN International Court of Justice. Russia can’t help but to carry out the judgment. Not only was it a process participant, it was also obligated to execute the judgment and it knew about this when it first agreed to this court hearing. But Russia won’t perform this judgment and it is actively seeking a way out of it,” Chubarov noted.

According to him, Russia won’t carry out the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights on non-fulfillment of human rights at peninsula either.

The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation gave them an opportunity under the judgment of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. They claim that the judgment made by the European Court of Human Rights allegedly contradicts Russian legislation so they won’t enforce it,” Chubarov said.

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