Candidates to Canadian Parliament to answer questions on Ukraine

On the eve of the federal elections Canadian Group for Democracy in Ukraine has made a list of critical questions to ask their MP candidates. Questions concerning Russian aggression in Ukraine.

The activists seek to help Canadian voters, many of those ethnic Ukrainian, "to choose the most worthy and most competent" - those MPs whose political outlook is not limited to Canada only. The elections - is the best opportunity for the public to formulate their guidelines for Canadian politicians. It is necessary to know in advance how the next government will solve problems that are important to Canadians. The questions are related to peace and security, Putin's war with democratic institutions, and terrorist threats to the lives of citizens of Ukraine.

"Ask these questions - and specify your own - in meetings with candidates. Also use social networks, email and phone to get answers. Distribute these questions as intensely as possible" - advises the Canadian group.  This is our way to protect those freedoms, of which we are taking advantage in  Canada, and to help Ukraine. "

Among the featured questions are the following:

Russian aggression -  internal problem of Ukraine or a problem for the the whole world?

If Canada is led by your party, how would you fight the aggression of Russia?

Is your party prepared to impose sanctions on Vladimir Putin and members of his entourage?

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