British media reported on secret nuclear deal between Russia and South Africa

South African President Jacob Zuma signed a secret nuclear agreement with Russia. As a result of a multi-billion dollar deal, Russians will build eight nuclear power plants in the African country, The Times reported.

Experts warn the South African authorities that the project, lasting a century, will plunge the country into massive debt and “bring an important ally of the West closer with Moscow.”

Zuma, who since 2014 has held several meetings with the leader of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, insists on the approval of a joint project with Rosatom, the article says.

Two agreements on the construction of a nuclear power plant were signed. The agreement was not considered in the South African parliament. Organization on Combating the Tax Abuse (Outa) argues that because of the deal, Pretoria will have to take loans worth GBP 65 billion. As a result, the government will be forced to carry out cuts in education, infrastructure and health care, Outa notes.

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