Bombardier and Siemens May Invest in Ukrainian Venture

Canadian multinational aerospace and transportation company Bombardier is interested in a possible joint venture with the Electron Corporation and the Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant.  Bombardier and engineering giant, Siemens are ready to invest in production of railway products within the territory of Ukraine.

In a press conference, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Andriy Pivovarsky, elaborated on the shared interests. "We have confirmation from Bombardier and Siemens about their interests in investments in Ukrainian production.  I think next year something will happen.  Moreover, the Main Offices of the Companies have already made fundamental decisions about investments in Ukrainian industry," the Minister said.

Recently the Lviv Regional State Administration revealed Bombardier’s interest in cooperating with the Electron Corporation and the Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant.

Negotiations with Bombardier were underway as recently as last September, during which the company's representatives expressed their interest in establishing facilities in Ukraine.  According to Pivovarsky, the company is interested in establishing joint ventures with Ukrainian manufacturers in producing after railway tractions or in the purchase of the abandoned premises.

Bombardier is the world's largest manufacturer of railway equipment and one of the world's largest manufacturers of civil aircraft. Siemens AG is a German technology group, a leading global manufacturer of electrical and electronics engineering for industry and energy, medical equipment and urban infrastructure.

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