Belarus to purchase Su-30SM fighters from Russia

This year the Belarusian military will purchase a number of modern weapons from Russia, as was stated by Belarusian Deputy Defense Minister, Igor Lotenkov.

“In 2017, we will procure Su-30SМ aircraft, radio monitoring systems, 120-mm 2B23 Nona-М1 mortars, multi-purpose unmanned aircraft systems, and conduct modernization of BTR-70МB1 armored personnel carriers,” as stated by the Deputy Minister for Armaments and Commander of Armaments of the Armed Forces.

According to the General, Belarusian servicemen will also undertake the repair of the Мi-24К and Mi-8PS helicopters, Il-76МD aircraft, Т-72B tanks, and BMP2 infantry fighting vehicles. The modernization of Т-72BM1 tanks will also be continued, commander added.

“We are planning to hold joint efforts with companies in the defense sector to transfer various types of multiple rocket launchers to a domestically produced chassis,” Lotenkov stated to the Belarusian Military newspaper, To the Glory of the Motherland.

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