Belarus files lawsuit against Russia over oil and gas dispute

Belarusian authorities have filed a lawsuit against Russia due to the reduction in oil supplies to the country.

"The controversy was initially on gas only, but they [Russia]  began to cut oil supplies. Of course, we appealed to the court to uphold our agreements," Alexander Lukashenko said on Friday, February 3.

The Belarusian leader has regarded the oil and gas dispute between Moscow and Minsk as a mockery. "Some kind of a foot-dragging has already begun. Yesterday they agreed to work according to the existing agreement, as it's easier and simpler, then the next day they say no, it won’t do, as our chiefs allegedly did not agree," Lukashenko stated. He added that he believes it is abnormal when "the closest two republics, the most akin people begin to quarrel.”

Belarus can do without Russian oil, the Belarusian President believes. He stressed that the independence of the country "is more valuable than that oil." "It is absolutely inconceivable when on the one side of the scale we have independence and on the other we have Russian, Iranian, Azerbaijani, or American oil," Lukashenko concluded.

The next round of negotiations between the parties on this issue will be held on February 4th, the President of Belarus said.

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