Barack Obama called on Putin to withdraw Russian forces from Ukraine

While meeting with President Putin at the G20 Summit, President Obama raised the issue of withdrawal of the foreign troops from Ukraine, the release of hostages and return of the control over the Ukrainian border. The information on the meeting of the two Presidents has been made available through an official report of the US National Security Council.
According to the White House, the talks between Putin and Obama lasted about 35 minutes.
Talking about the situation in Ukraine, the US President once again confirmed his support to the implementation of Minsk agreement, including the withdrawal of heavy weaponry, all foreign militants, release of hostages and return of the control over the Ukrainian border.

The White House pointed out that the dialogue of Obama and Putin was constructive. The main topics raised were the resolution of the conflict in Syria and the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The sides noted the diplomatic progress achieved over the last two weeks at the meeting in Vienna, including the issues raised in the declaration of the Syria International Support Group of November 14. The Presidents agreed on the necessity of the political transition in Syria which will be implemented and overseen with the participation of Syrian representatives.

During this transition, the UN will be a mediator between the Syrian opposition and Bashar Al-Assad’s regime. It is expected that a ceasefire agreement will be reached during this transition stage.
President Obama welcomed the efforts of all countries in the fight against the ISIS and stressed the importance of Russia's military effort.

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