Ash Carter: Russia Makes Strategic Mistakes in Syria

The United States Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter expressed the view that Russia is pursuing the wrong course in Syria. After meeting with the US’s key allies in Paris on January20th, Carter stated that Russians make strategic mistakes as well as tactical ones. “That’s why we don’t have a basis for greater cooperation with Moscow,” Carter noted.

The Defense Secretary promised to destroy powerful centers of Islamic State. He likened it to a cancer that will be defeated by destroying its two powerful centers in Al-Raqqah and Mosul.

The Ministers of Defense of Australia, Great Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and the USA took part in the meeting that was held in Paris. Carter announced that another, unprecedented meeting with the participation of the Defense Ministers of the coalition of 26 anti-IS countrieswill take place in three weeks in Brussels.

“Each country should come prepared for this meeting in order to discuss further contribution to the fight against Islamic State,” warned Ashton Carter.

  Ashton Carter, meeting, Islamic State, anti-IS Coalition