American officials criticize Kerry’s plan for coordination with Russia

American officials from the intelligence and defense sectors criticized US Secretary of State John Kerry’s proposal for coordination between the US and Russia in Syria, The New York Times reports.

Even though Kerry believes in possible cooperation with Moscow, many representatives from American intelligence agencies and the Pentagon are suspicious of this plan.

According to one of the officials, it remains unclear why Kerry is confident that Russia will support the White House’s goals in Syria.

As was stated, when developing a plan, the US Secretary of State ignored the fact that the Russian and Syrian militaries are attacking both militants of the so-called Islamic State and opposition representatives, some of whom are supported by Washington.

American officials are therefore indignant about the proposal suggesting shared intelligence and information between the two countries.

Officials also resent the fact that the presidential administration of the US is trying to agree with Russia despite the recent air strikes by the Russian military on two Syrian camps containing oppositionists and their families.

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