A former FSB officer said Russia sent spies to Europe disguised as migrants

A Russian officer-defector stated that the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation sent its spies to Europe disguised as migrants, Die Welt reported.

“We managed to deploy spies disguised as migrants to Europe. The results were reported to the President and he approved them,” the former high-level FSB officer known only as “Igor” said in a documentary named Putin’s Cold War, which broadcasted on ZDF German TV Channel.

The defector was a former Russian Colonel and served as the head of the FSB’s Counter-Terrorism and Political Extremism Department. A group photo showing members of the security service confirms this information. According to Igor, the Federal Security Service has been supplying Chechens with false documents since 2002. The latest documents provide proof that they were prosecuted in their home country and that they found asylum in Europe.

“The Russian FSB managed to create a real network of agents in Europe with the help of these politically prosecuted Chechens. They were integrated into Muslim Diasporas in Germany, the United Kingdom and France. These agents will begin their work when they are needed in order to influence the political situation for the benefit of the Kremlin. I’m sure of this,” the fugitive FSB officer stated.

One notable planted agent is the Chairman of the Chechen cultural society in the German city of Kiel, Timur Dugazaev, who also gave an interview to the ZDF TV Channel. Dugazaev denied working for the FSB but did admit that he has been spying on his compatriots and that gave information on them to the Chechen leadership. According to Igor, all of these agents are spying on critics of the regime and potential Islamic extremists.

Meanwhile, the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maassen stated that the Federal Security Service intentionally contributes to the influx of radical Islamists to Germany in order to destabilize the country. The German Security Services have long suspected the possible targeted operation that lies behind the significantly increased number of Chechen refugees, Die Welt added.

On the 10th of February 2016, the Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, revealed on Russia-1 TV that many Russian citizens are intentionally sent to join the so-called Islamic State. According to him, fighters who operate in Syria were trained in a Special Task Forces Centre near Tsentaroy. He claimed to have created an extensive network of informants directly inside the so-called Islamic State.Chechnya's best fighters were reportedly sent there.

Last year, an interview with former FSB officer, who defected to Ukraine, was broadcast by Ukrainian TSN TV. In it, the officer stated that Russia is involved in disturbances in London, terrorist acts in Paris, and were sent to infiltrate the so-called Islamic State. The former FSB officer, claims that radical Islamist groups are totally infiltrated by Russian agents and Moscow has a real influence on their actions.

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