10 Euros to avoid security checks in Egyptian Sharm El Sheikh airport

Security agents of the Sharm El Sheikh airport, inspecting baggage with X-ray scanners, take bribes from passengers for turning a blind eye to the content of their bags – reports Associated Press agency.

Associated Press’s journalists carried out an independent investigation and found that in Sharm El Sheikh airport from where Airbus 321 of the Russian airline”Kogalymavia” had flown and then crashed in the Sinai, numerous violations had been observed for a long time. The main reason of abuses is a so-called human factor and inappropriate fulfilment of the professional obligations by workers.

“I can’t even tell how many times I found bags full of drugs or weapons that they ignored for the bribe of 10 euros or so” – stated one of the witnesses. Moreover, one of the X-ray scanners for inspection of registered bags is usually turned off to save power or is misused. However, during security compliance inspections all keep a close watch on the work of the device according to the safety standards, especially in the case of such inspections coming from abroad.

After A321 crash, Egyptian authorities started to intensify inspections of the Sharm El Sheikh airport. Several workers were placed under special surveillance.

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