US extends sanctions against Russian defense industry

The US Department of Commerce announced on Tuesday that new sanctions were being introduced against Russian companies.

According to a publication in the Federal Register, 12 new legal entities were blacklisted, meaning that it is prohibited to carry out operations with them, and they are banned from supplying technology.

The blacklisted entities include two of Rostec’s subsidiaries, the Vector scientific research institute and the Technologiya scientific production company. Washington believes that the former collaborated with the Russian hackers who acted in the interests of Russia’s Defense Ministry, and the latter supplies components for the military aerospace industry.

Aerokompozit, Aviadvigatel, the Scientific Production Corporation, Precision Instrumentation Systems and NII Vega were also blacklisted for the same reasons.

DiveTechnoService from Saint Petersburg and the underwater technology production company Oceanos have been placed under sanctions for supplying and servicing equipment for the Russian Navy.

Information Technologies and Communication Systems (“Infotecs”), Syrus Systems, and the scientific research company Gamma are accused of facilitating illicit cyber activity.

Sanctions have also been placed on the companies of the Nilco Group in Moscow, Belarus and Iran,  for providing “material support” to the Iranian missile program.

The listed organizations were placed on the sanctions list by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), an agency of the US Department of Commerce. When applying for an export license or a license to acquire US goods or equipment, these organizations will work on a “presumed rejection” basis, effectively blocking them from receiving any technology from the US.

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