Netherlands pledges additional Patriot missile system and forensic aid to Ukraine in show of support

During a joint briefing with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, the Netherlands' Defence Minister Ruben Brekelmans and Foreign Minister Caspar Veldkamp have announced that, alongside their partners, they will provide an additional Patriot missile system to Ukraine to bolster its air defence capabilities.

"We discussed today how this initiative will be implemented and the anticipated delivery timeline of this system to Ukraine," said Kuleba.

He also noted that the Netherlands had recently decided to procure weapons from Ukrainian manufacturers.

Dutch Foreign Minister Caspar Veldkamp mentioned that his country would allocate 2 million euros for forensic research and identification of remains.

"We also plan to hand over a forensic laboratory to Ukraine. This will ensure that close to the front lines, you have the forensic capabilities needed to deliver justice for the families of all Ukrainians whose bodies are returned from the front," the Dutch Foreign Minister elaborated.

Veldkamp added that the Netherlands would assist in the return of children abducted by Russia.

This marks the first international visit by the Dutch Foreign and Defence Ministers since the new government took office. Veldkamp repeatedly stressed in his statement that this visit aims to demonstrate the Netherlands' unwavering support for Ukraine.

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