Naftogaz: Ukraine will lose its gas transit role after Nord Stream 2 is launched

Nord Stream 2 will reduce demand for Ukraine's gas transportation system, said Head of Naftogaz Andriy Kobolyev in an interview with Ukrainian Channel 5.

“We will lose the entire transit. Because there is still the Turkish Stream, which will probably be built and launched by the end of 2019,” Kobolyev said. According to him, Ukraine will lose the deterrent against the “Russian aggression” after Nord Steam 2 is put in operation. “It is necessary to analyze this pipeline in terms of war risks rather than money loss,” Kobolyev noted.

Nevertheless, European companies continue making investments in this project, he said, at the same time supporting “classic partnership” with Europe. The head of Naftogaz proposes to allow foreign companies to manage the Ukrainian gas transmission system in exchange for investments.

The agreements of Russia and Ukraine on gas transit through Ukraine expire in 2019. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin announced in February that Moscow was ready to continue gas transit only on its own terms.

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