Multiple explosions hit occupied Melitopol, possible strike on Russian military airfield reported

Explosions heard at military airfield in the partially Russian-occupied city of Melitopol, located in the Zaporizhzhia region, have been reported by local residents. Eyewitnesses have shared images of smoke billowing in the sky and noted the arrival of emergency medical services at the scene. However, local Russia installed authorities stated that the explosions resulted from intercepted missiles, which led to fires igniting upon impact.

Russian authorities specified that, based on operational services' information, five Ukrainian HIMARS missiles launched by multiple rocket launch systems were intercepted over Melitopol.

Though the missiles were intercepted by air defence systems, debris from four rockets fell in the northern part of the city, igniting fires in areas of dry grass. Firefighting units from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Services are at the locations addressing the blazes.

Contrastingly, Ukrainian Telegram channels report that at least three missiles reached their intended targets.

These channels mention fires in three distinct locations, including one near Kahovske Highway, with corresponding images circulating on social media.

According to preliminary data, one of the military airfields came under attack. The Russians stored several aircraft and other weapons at this location.

"Preliminary data suggest the strike hit an airfield. The location housed Su-25, Ka-52, Mi-8 aircraft, as well as an S-300 division. A significant target," reports the Telegram channel Web3Forces.

There have been no official confirmations regarding the specific targets of the Ukrainian Armed Forces or whether the attacks were successful.

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