Moldova joins US sanctions against pro-Russian politicians

The Commission for Emergency Situations (CSE) of Moldova imposed sanctions on persons included in the US sanctions list, who are considered participants in "constant campaigns of malicious influence of the Kremlin" and involved in systemic corruption in the republic, reported the Moldovan news agency Realitatea.

Agreements made by individuals and legal entities included in the US sanctions list will be carefully inspected by the Moldovan authorities.

The list of persons suspected of having links with the sanctioned individuals shall be compiled and updated by the Moldovan Information and Security Service, which will work together with the Office for Prevention and Fight against Money Laundering, the National Bank of Moldova, and other competent authorities.

The Information and Security Service may exclude a person previously included in the list if the reasons and conditions justifying the inclusion of this person in the list have been eliminated, or if other objective circumstances have occurred related to the higher interests of the state.

The Office for Prevention and Fight against Money Laundering will make decisions on disallowing operations with goods, including financial resources, shares in the authorized capital of legal entities and registration of rights to them for a period of up to 30 working days.

On October 26, the US Department of the Treasury announced imposed sanctions against nine individuals and 12 organizations in Moldova who are believed to be participants in "constant campaigns of malicious influence of the Kremlin." In particular, the restrictions affected the Moldovan oligarchs Vladimir Plahotniuc and Ilan Shor, who held influential positions and tried to bring Moldova back under Russia’s influence.

Oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc and politician Ilan Shor fled Moldova in 2019.

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