Moldova complains to UN about Russia’s failure to provide access to Moldovan pilots released from Taliban captivity

The Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration wrote on Facebook that Moldovan authorities complained about Russia to a number of international organizations. 

The reason for the appeal was the “unacceptable actions” of the Russian Federation against two Moldovan pilots Lionel Buruiana and Mihail Crihan, who was captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan and released with the assistance of Igor Chaika, a member of the council of All-Russian public organization “Business Russia”. Chisinau claims that Russia, after the release of the pilots, violated the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Consular Convention between Russia and Moldova, by not providing Moldovan diplomats immediate access to the pilots. 

The complaints were sent to the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the European Commissioner for Justice, Consumer Rights and Gender Equality. In addition, Chisinau sent letters to the human rights organization Amnesty International and a number of other institutions. 

Moldova requests "to bring the situation with the pilots in accordance to the rule of law and compliance with international law." The Russian side claims that the pilots will go home after a course of treatment.  

On November 24, 2015, a crew of three of a Moldovan MI-8 helicopter were captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan. The helicopter was forced to land after coming under fire and sustaining damage. The militants captured the pilots and 15 passengers. One of the pilots was killed, and Buruiana and Crihan were taken hostage.

  Moldova, Russia, Afghanistan, UN, ECHR