Rockets from Russian-made submarines found on the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea

Signal rockets for Russian-made Baltic Sea submarines were found in three places on the Polish coast over several days, Polish channel RMF24 reports.

The KSP rockets that were found are called signal buoys. They come from a Kilo-class submarine. The only such boat in the Polish fleet is ORP Orzeł. According to local sailors, the rockets could not have been fired from this boat. According to the Polish military, the rockets could have been used by Russians at a sea training site during exercises in the Baltic Sea.

The Russian Kilo-class submarine is not exclusive to the Russian Navy. It is also produced for export. Signal rockets are used to indicate the location of the submarine most often in case of an emergency surfacing, or to signal the start of an exercise or task if radio silence is being observed.

It is unknown when exactly the rockets were used. After they are fired, they can drift on the surface of the sea for weeks.

  Baltic Sea, submarines, Russian military exercises