European MP: there is evidence that Putin pays those who support him in European Parliament

Supporters of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who receive money from Moscow, are operating actively in the European Parliament, Ukrinform reports, with reference to a statement by the Lithuanian MEP and chairman of the EU Informal Group “Friends of European Ukraine”, Petras Auštrevičius.

“We have a lot of people with impartial views, and we have information about the situation in Ukraine—we are Ukraine's strong supporters,” Auštrevičius stated. “We do our best in this respect. At the same time, I must admit that there are those who sympathize with Putin, and Putin pays them. We have evidence.”

He explained that the European Parliament is dominated by those who do not support the Russian president, but the influence of the Kremlin’s policy could still be felt there.

“I think that there are more people with common sense. We are a majority,” Auštrevičius added. “However, we should not deny the presence of people with other convictions. They have a pro-Kremlin stance, which is why we have to admit that there is a struggle, but this is politics. Putin’s policy in Europe is enormous. We see results through propaganda, through disinformation, because minds are poisoned.”

A group of European Parliament deputies suggested imposing sanctions against Putin’s close circle and enterprises associated with the Kremlin.

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